This 60 Year Old Model Will Change Your Sense Of Fashion

For many of us, 60 is an age of retirement. But, this man who turned model at the age of 60- all thanks to his beard, proves that age is just a number. Philippe Duman before turning 60 decided to grow his beard and this decision completely changed his life and for good of course. He is the changing the old people fashion completely. Check out his beard and super cool looks here:



For the fun of it, I decided to grow my beard, thinking it would be a mess, but people said they liked it, Philips Duman said in an interview with Bored Panda. “This happened many times and so I realized maybe I should try being a model.” So one fine day, he decided to get in touch with some modelling agencies and stepped into the world of modelling.


Old-People-Fashion-1-6 Old-People-Fashion-1-4 Old-People-Fashion-1-3

I really love what I am doing and get great pleasure from doing it. What else could I ask for? Maybe to work for a huge international campaign like Chanel or Dior. We all have dreams. And this buzz could help. Who knows. He is an inspiration for all of us to pursue our dreams and to do things we like, no matter how old we are as there is never too late to try out something new.


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