My Story: I Was Given Hope Instead Of Appraisal (Fake Humans Of IT)

This heart breaking story is for and by all the IT employees out there(Fake Humans of IT).

Fake Humans of IT:

Some where in this cruel world of IT industry, I was working day and night from the past 3 years. And it was just to earn bread and butter for my family. Every year people celebrate New year and I used to wait for my Performance Appraisal Results to celebrate. But year after year I was only given hope instead of Appraisal. My Boss repeated the same dialogue every year, “Son, you are a very critical resource for this Project. Due to Cost Cutting this year, it will not be possible to give appraisal. But I promise that you will be rewarded next time”. These are the exact words that came from his mouth every time. Furthermore, I being an employee with no guts, start to work again like before.

Instead of Appraisal, I was given an award “Rising Superstar” of the year which comprises of a Traveling Bag and a Notepad. After that I was forced to give party to my team which costs me more than the cost of my Reward. I being a douche bag trusted my manager and here, I am still in the same company and working for more than 12 hours a day because of the hope that was given to me. I request all of you not to be a fool like me, make dependency and then switch to some other Company.

Don’t Hope, Just Do It.


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