Do You Know Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than The Others?

It is a well-known fact that mosquitoes bite some people more than the others. People jokingly say that the person might be having sweeter blood than the others. But, we all know that it’s not a right answer. Some people also came with up a lot of different theories but no one has a proper explanation for their answer.

So why mosquitoes bite some people more than the others?


There is a reason behind everything and before telling you the answer, we would like to tell you a fact that only female mosquitoes bite humans as they need mammal blood to feed their eggs and like every mother, they want the best for their kids(eggs). Now, the answer lies within our body odour. Yes, you read that right, every one of us produces chemicals and microbes which contribute to our unique body odour. Female mosquitoes know what kind of blood they need and the odour that comes from our body. They can detect our body odour from up to 100 feets.

Another factor that contributes is our blood type. According to an experiment, the mosquitoes prefer to bite people with Type O twice as much as those with Type A. There are few more reasons like sweat, Lactic Acid and Carbon Dioxide that contributes in making some people more attractive to the mosquitoes. The food we consume also has some effect on making us look attractive to the mosquitoes.

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And if you are the person who has been thinking that why mosquitoes bite you more than your friends, then there are some solutions that can help you. You can try to cover all the exposed parts of your body. Also, you can plant certain herbs and plants in your garden that repel mosquitos.

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