Ever Wondered What Will Happen To Mumbai If Taken Over By Adorable Monsters?

Imagine what would happen if there are Monsters in the city? Yes, right! we can’t imagine it. We need an artist eyes to do so, a Mumbai based artist Sebin Simon draws monsters into the most inconspicuous Mumbai locations. And these talking, vibrant monsters are so cute too handle. Check out some of his illustrations here:

Monsters In The City:Monsters-In-The-City-111

He say “I firmly believe that life is to live, love and laugh; and that’s exactly what I try to bring about through my art.

Monsters-In-The-City-2 Monsters-In-The-City-5

“When I’m not painting my imagination, I like to spend time with my pets, travel, meet new people, take workshops, do live painting at events, dabble in a bit of street art and explore the zillion new things I haven’t learnt yet”

Monsters-In-The-City-6 Monsters-In-The-City-8 Monsters-In-The-City

Let us know how much you like it.



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