Now You Can Make Coffee Anywhere With A Smartphone Cover Mokase

The news which we are going to share is a bliss for all the coffee lovers. There are so many people in the world who can’t wake up without having a sip of the coffee. Also, for many people, coffee is a wonderful drink that can help them stay awake during the morning lectures and mid-day office hours. Now, a company that designs smartphone cover comes with an innovative solution for all of those who are always in search of coffee. They have designed a smartphone cover named Mokase that helps you make instant coffee and yes, we are not joking.

Mokase, a smartphone cover for making Coffee 


The Mokase is a heat-proof smartphone cover which allows you to make coffee via an app. All you need to do is to put a thin coffee capsule that fits inside the case. The capsule contains the required amount of beans and water to make an espresso for you.


The case uses its lithium-ion battery to heat the water for 15 degrees to as high as 60 degrees within a few seconds. Don’t worry if you think that the heat from the battery will affect your costly phone because the company says that the resistors concentrate the heat so that it doesn’t affect your smartphone in any way.


There is a pipe attached at the top that is made of aluminium-silicone to withstand high temperature. So, there’s no chance that your smartphone will be affected.


Alongside the case comes a special pop-up cup that can be used as a coffee cup. Also, the cup is designed to take as minimum space as required.


The company will soon start the production of this innovative smartphone cover and it will cost you around $87. Do watch the below to find out how Mokase works.

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So, if you are a coffee lover do buy this innovative smartphone cover Mokase and drink coffee whenever and wherever you like. You can also check out their website here.


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