10 Mind-Blowing Illusions That Will Tell Us Why It’s Hard To Trust Our Brain

Illusions are created to tell us why we shouldn’t believe everything we see. That’s the reason people say that we shouldn’t believe anything we see easily. Things aren’t always the same as they appear. This fact is applicable to normal things as well as human beings. If you are the one who blindly believes in your senses and thinks that you are always right, then these mind-blowing illusions that we are going to share are perfectly designed for you.

No matter, how strong your mind is or how well you interpret things, the below mind-blowing illusions will play with your mind. We bet that you will have a hard time in finding what’s the truth behind these amazing illusions. Just look at these illusions and see if your brain has the ability to find the truth behind them.

1. Which Circle(A or B) is rotating faster?


Actually, none of them is rotating, it’s a static image. It gives you the illusion as the circles are rotating.

2. Which circle is bigger(first one or second one)?


If your answer is first one or second one, then you are wrong. They are of the same size, the size of surrounding circles make the difference.

3. Which monster is bigger in the below picture?


Your brain might be saying that the monster in the back is bigger but the truth is they are of the same size.

4. Are these lines parallel or not?


Well, the answer is that these lines are perfectly parallel.

5. Already had enough of the mind-blowing illusions? Try this one, which is the right pair of eyes and lips? 


We leave it up to your mind to find the right answer.

6. This one is a brilliant photograph captured in such a way that it’s looking like an illusion.


7. Which one is bigger, A or B and how?


Actually, both A and B are of the same size. The illusion is created because the shorter edge of A is placed near the longer edge of B.

8. Can your brain tell you which shape has the darker shade of grey?


Place your finger along the horizontal divide and you’ll find out your answer.

9. Is the below picture moving?


Well, it’s not an animated picture or gif, it’s a simple static picture that your mind takes as an illusion.

10. The last one, is the cat going up or down?


We think you had enough answers of these mind-blowing illusions from us, so we leave this answer up to your brain.

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If these mind-blowing illusions shattered your belief on your mind, then share this article with your friends to find out if their brain can overcome these illusions.


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