Meet Joanna Palani, Who Ran Away To Fight ISIS

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, often translated as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and abbreviated as ISIS, is one of the biggest threats to the world right now. Their so called ware on the name religion and god is something that everybody knows about. Reported cases of women assault, killing are commonly heard and women are treated badly on the name of GOD. But, Joanna Palani is one of the bad-ass woman who left her studies in the middle so that she can fight against ISIS.


Palani, now 23-year-old revealed that killing IS militants is not very tough but to take down the Syrian Government was not at all easy.

“ISIS fighters are very easy to kill. ISIS fighters are very good at sacrificing their own lives, but Assad’s soldiers are very well trained and they are specialist killing machines.”


Palani further stated that she was born in Ramadi, Iraq and soon after she moved to Copenhagen. After leaving Denmark in 2014, Palani first traveled to Rojova in Syria where she fought alongside YPG for six months. After winning the battle, she moved to Peshmerga for another six months. Palani revealed that when she came back home after her Peshmerga’s fight, her passport was confiscated by the government. Luckily she is among the few fighters who managed to come back home from the ongoing war.

Now as she is back home, she still feels like going there and fighting the militants. Although, she does admit that all that glimmers is not gold.


Palani recalled her first night in the camp when a Swedish foreign fighter was shot right in front of her just because he was caught smoking a cigarette.

“I told him he shouldn’t be smoking on the frontline—but he didn’t take me seriously. I wasn’t taking it seriously when I first came there. But after the first attack I did. I took it seriously indeed, ma’am.’”


We salute the spirit of such a brave girl!



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