Solve The Puzzle If You Can. 80% Fail To Solve This Simple Problem

Let’s see if you can solve this simple problem. Only 20% of Internet users can solve this simple problem at the first try. Although the problem looks tough at the first look, but let us tell you that it’s not that tough to find out the answer. Just give it a try and let’s see if you can solve this simple puzzle.

Solve The Problem:


Still not able to find the answer? Let’s give you a hint that the number in the rows have some connection with each other. If you are able to solve the puzzle at this point, then you are a smart person. But, if not, let’s have a look at the answer below and the explanation behind it.

Numbers in the middle of a row is the sum of the first and last number in the same row like 16+27 =43, 11+25=36. Now, we think you can easily find out the answer because in the last row 29+? should be equal tp 56.

? = 56-29 = 27.

So, the answer is 27.

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