10 Mainstream Movies In Which Kate Winslet Have Gone Naked And Nude

Although many people have seen this beautiful actress completely naked in the famous movie Titanic. But, do you have any idea that Kate Winslet got naked in more than 10 movies? Probably, your answer will be No and you would think that we are just kidding with you. But, we are pretty much serious on this fact that Kate Winslet got naked and nude in more than 10 mainstream movies. We know that it’s hard to believe, and that’s why we have prepared a list of 10 mainstream movies in which Kate Winslet got naked and nude. Check out the list below.

1. Heavenly Creatures – 1994


Directed by Peter Jackson in which actors Melanie Lynskey, Ryan Phillipe, and Kate Winslet debuted on-screen. The film opened to strong critical acclaim and became one of the best movies of that year. While Winslet who was just 17-years old, shot to fame with her onscreen nude scenes, as seen in a couple of bathtub scenes in the mainstream movie.

2. Jude – 1996


Directed by Michael Winterbottom, Jude was shot in last 1995. While, before this movie Kate was nominated for Oscar for her movie Sense and Sensibility and that too without going nude. But, Winslet surprises the fans when she went full frontal nude for this middling adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure.

3. Titanic – 1997


Titanic, the greatest movie of all time which made Kate Winslet an overnight sensation is known to all. The movie became a phenomenal success and shot Kate Winslet to fame. While there might be very few people who have not seen the iconic scene in which Kate Winslet got naked while Leonardo was making a portrait of the beauty.

4. Hideous Kinky – 1998


This 1998 film directed by Gillies MacKinnon, starred the actress in the lead role. While, the audience was surprised with her decision to star in a little-seen British indie movie after the huge success of Titanic, though it didn’t prevent her from once more getting topless in a couple of scenes.

5. Holy Smoke – 1999


Holy Smoke is a 1999 Australian drama film directed by Jane Campion. While, you can be assured of one thing in a Campion movie, that the lead actress will go nude. The same was followed by our beloved actress Winslet as she proudly displayed her body in a full frontal scene. Moreover, the scene also involved some moment when you can see the actress urinating on herself.

6. Quills – 2000


For the previous 4 years, the actress maintained her annual streak of getting nude in the movies. And she continued that in Quills as well with a couple of topless scenes in the 2000 American-British-German period film. Moreover, it was released with an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

7. Iris – 2001


It was the last continuous movie in which Kate Winslet got naked. While continuing her annual streak for the last time, the actress showed off literally everything she had as skinny-dipping author Iris Murdoch. Moreover, the actress was nominated for Best Supporting Actress Academy award.

8. All the King’s Men – 2006


While Fans had to wait for 5 long years in order to see Kate Winslet nude once again in the movie All the King’s Men. Although you can’t see the actress completely nude but Kate Winslet got naked for the movie and you can see her lying on the bed without any clothes hiding her private parts.

9. Little Children – 2006


In the same year of 2006, Winslet starred in a movie named Little Children. While at the time movie was shot, the actress was in her 30s but she gave one of the best performance of her life. You can find the actress getting intimated in quite a few hot scenes while the actress got naked completely exposing her body.

10. The Reader – 2008


It was the film that finally won Kate Winslet her much-coveted Oscar after 5 earlier attempts. You can find plenty of scenes in which Kate Winslet got naked and the actress was looking at that age. Much to the disappointment, the actress told that she will never go nude on-screen again after this movie. By the way, among the six movies in which Kate was nominated for the academy award, she got naked in four of them.

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Also, let us know which one of these mainstream movies in which Kate Winslet got naked, is your favourite one? And make sure to share this post with your loved ones.


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