What’s The Largest Number You Can Make With Three Digits?

You may be a genius in solving Maths problem but we bet you won’t be able to answer this simple question,”What’s The Largest Number You Can Make With Three Digits?” Actually, this question was asked by a 6th-grade student and quite frankly, we weren’t able to give the right answer(Seems like that 6th-grade student is intelligent than most of us).

What’s The Largest Number You Can Make With Three Digits?


We are sure that after reading this question, most of you are going to think that it’s easy and the answer is 999 because the largest single digit number is 9 and the largest number we can make using three 9 digit numbers is 999. Although, you are correct on that part but as we have already hinted that the answer is not 999 so you need to understand the question properly. Try to expand your vision and we are sure that some of you might be able to crack this simple question.

C’mon think, think! And if you are damn sure that answer is 999 and you think it’s some kind of prank, then we are sorry to inform you that you are wrong. Just try to think like a 10-year-old student and you might be able to answer this question and if you still can’t think of another answer. Let’s help you with that, read the question again and try to understand what it means, the question says you need to make the largest number with three digits and according to that 6th-grade student, the answer is, “9 raised to the 9th power raised to the 9th power“.


You gotta admit that this answer is correct and that 6th-grade student is smarter than all of us. The question never put any limitations to any special symbols/arrangements you can use. We admit defeat and we think you also need to admit it!

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Oh God! why we failed in answering this simple question? We should have answered this question, we should have found out the largest number. Share this question with your friends and see, if they can answer this question correctly.


  1. Truely there isnt cardinal number that can be expressed as larger than another seeing as there is alwas and i mean always a number that comes after that one cardinal number but you might say well its a 3 digit problem so it would be 9^9^9 but this therory is incorrect because of aleph null (the smallest infinite) so by using aleph null the concept is changed to see there is no infinite number it can keep going so after aleph null its omega (sorry keyboards dont have the ability to type the symbol) so in this sence again there is always a number that is after the one in question so if there really isnt a number bigger than every single other one there isnt a dominat or biggest number that can be created or used. Posted and stated by a 12 year old in 7th grade

  2. Xavier and Chris, you’re both wrong. You’ve been too ignorant to pay attention to what Windows calculator is doing and that it’s not calculating the expression you want.

    You’ve typed 9^9 and as soon as you hit the ^ key again, it evaluates 9^9 and displays 387 420 489 and then when you complete the expression it evaluates 387 420 489^9 = 2 x 10^77

    9^9^9 actually equals 9^387 420 489 which is a lot larger than 9^99.


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