According To Science, Kelly Brook Has The Ideal Woman’s Body

Researchers come up with new facts and findings every then and now. Recently, University of Texas came up with a new research in which they claim that they have found the ideal woman’s body. According to them, the perfect female body measures 1.68 meters in height and you will be amazed to know that famous English actress and model, Kelly Brook is the owner of the perfect female body. They specifically told that they haven’t considered any woman with surgeries are not considered in the research.

No doubt, Kelly Brook is one of the hottest women on the planet and she’s the goddess of hotness and seduction. According to the study, a perfect female body should be somewhat Plump and Brook has that perfect plump body. But as per her, she has suffered as a model because of her body. Anyways, Brook is too good for the science as they dubbed her as the woman with the ideal woman’s body. She has a massive fan following of more than 700k on her official Instagram account. Let’s have a look at some of her pictures.

Kelly Brook – Ideal Woman’s Body



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Well, after seeing Kelly Brook’s Instagram pictures, we believe that science is absolutely right about her, she has the ideal woman’s body. What do you think about this?


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