Believe Us These Are Actually Pencil Drawings By A Japanese Artist

Sometimes we wonder how people are so artistic and creative? Some people are blessed with immense talent that when combined with their hard work gives wonderful results. One such gifted person is a 22-year-old Japanese artist Kohei Ohmori whose black and white Pencil Drawings will stun you. Not only talent but the amount of hard work and dedication Ohmori puts in his work is commendable. The artist takes more than 200 hours on each masterpiece and his detailed work will amaze you for sure.

Ohmori’s drawings look so realistic that people mistake it for real photographs. Not only that but his designs look more real than the photographs itself. People are praising his skills on Twitter and are calling him an ‘Insane Genius‘. You need to check out some of his work below to find out why we are praising him so much.


1. Ohmori working on his latest project, a shiny nut and bolt.



2. His detailed work is really commendable.



3. He takes more than 200 hours to complete a single project.



4. His beautiful pencil drawings have earned him a title ‘Insane Genius’.



5. It’s hard to believe these are simple drawings.



6. Beautiful, isn’t it?



7. All he needs is a canvas and box of ultra-sharp Mitsubishi pencils to show his talent.



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More Info: Twitter | Instagram.


  1. Im a pretty good artist. But my god this guy is a genius. Incredible. I haven’t put pencil to paper in a long time. But Im so impressed with his amazing talent. Im going to have another go. He is a big inspiration. Wow


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