After Seeing These Pics You Will Agree That It Happens Only In India

India, the second most populated country in the world has set some standards that no other country in the world can match. India is a special country and it houses special people and special characteristics. There are traits; inescapable, spontaneous nevertheless hilarious traits that go with belonging to this country. India is India. No other places like it. It leaves one spellbound with its alluring contrasts and striking features. But, there are some funny things that happen only in India and after seeing those things, you will say only one thing ‘It happens only in India’. So, here are some amazing pictures which will convince you that such things can happen only in India.

It happens only in India:

1. Who wants to poop inside a small washroom? Instead, poop outside in fresh air. Anyways, who cares about Swachh Bharat, right?Happens-only-in-India-1

2. We love animals so much and our animals love pure Denim. So, why can’t they try 50XL size?Happens-only-in-India-2

3. No one can give you advice better than Indians on how to save petrol because it happens only in India.Happens-only-in-India-3

4. No matter how big is your machine (Air Plane), you still need a lemon and chilly to control it.Happens-only-in-India-4

5. No one can come between daily soaps and Indians, no not even Tsunami or Earthquake.Happens-only-in-India-5

6. Two wheeler doesn’t mean two passengers. You can always innovate just like this person because it happens only in India.Happens-only-in-India-6

7.  Our Appetite is so big that sometimes our Rotis can be used as a Blanket. Any Doubts?Happens-only-in-India-7

8. Believe me when we say that Tea has been in Liquid form since its invention.Happens-only-in-India-8

9. Not sure, whether lock is expensive or the Flip Flops. Please decide on your own.Happens-only-in-India-9

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10. We are so generous that sometimes we exchange our Duties.Happens-only-in-India-10

After seeing all these images, all you can say is “IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA“! Also, share this post with your loved ones so that they can laugh hard too.



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