This Iranian Lifter is Being Dubbed As The Persian Hercules & You Won’t Believe How Big He Is

Meet Sajad Gharibi from Iran who is being dubbed as the Persian Hercules or precisely saying, Iranian Hulk. You won’t believe that this gigantic man is just 25-years-old and he’s guaranteed to make you shock with his size. You all must have seen ‘The Hulk’ in the Hollywood movies and have wondered that how can any living being be so huge? Well, sometimes imaginations do come true, after seeing the incredible size of this gigantic man, you will be comparing him with the famous Persian Hercules or The Hulk from the Hollywood movies. Just look at his size.

Sajad Gharibi Persian Hercules


Sajad’s is a weightlifter and his weight is 175kgs(almost double or triple than most of the humans). A normal person will surely look like a dwarf in front of him. Do you remember all the times when you make fun of your short friends? Well, you are going to know how it feels. Just look how big he is and you will start feeling like a dwarf.


Lifting is the love of his life and that’s how he has managed to be as huge as he is today. Sajad Gharibi, Persian Hercules is nothing like the bodybuilders you see in your gym, he is way bigger and gigantic than all those men you have seen in your life.


Although his big size cause problem to him for doing the daily routine tasks, but somehow he manages to do them like driving his car, use average things. We are pretty much sure that the diet of this Iranian Hulk must be as huge as he is.


With a big body also comes a big heart and that’s why his friends call him Gentle Giant. People close to him says that he has a golden heart despite he looks like a scary gigantic monster.


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Are you amazed to see this Persian Hercules or Iranian Hulk? We really hope we see him in some future Hollywood flicks.


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