This Incredible Inflatable Bubble Tent Will Let You Sleep Under Open Sky

Have you dreamed of sleeping under an open sky, and that too without any disturbance from the nature? Then, we have a good news for you. Today, we are going to show you is an awesome product and we bet you will be dreaming to buy one soon. The product is called as Inflatable Bubble Tent. Moreover, the shape of inflatable bubble tent is similar to that of our favorite and cute snow igloos. This inflatable bubble tent is invented by a company called as Hollyweb. Check out this awesome invention.

Inflatable Bubble Tent:


The four meter tent can house two people, depending on their size. While this tent isn’t point-rock resistant, it is water-proof and fire retardant, for those rainy evening when you need campfire by your side.

Inflatable-Bubble-Tent-4 Inflatable-Bubble-Tent

Most noteworthy is only one thing: the tent only works so long as you can keep it connected to the (included) pump. You’re going to need an extension if you have an electric connection nearbuy, or even a generator if you’re feeling really adventurous.


This Inflatable Bubble tent will cost you around 1500USD. We know its quite expensive, but its worth the money. You can check it out here: Amazon. So, when are you going to buy one?



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