10 Most Important Qualities Of A Good Teacher – Happy Teacher’s Day

On this special day of the year, we have the privilege to honor our beloved Teachers. Teachers are the most important persons in our life, next to our parents. They shape the future of their students and make us what we are today. While there are some important qualities of a good teacher that he/she must possess. Infact, teachers are the ones who shape the future of their students. Furthermore, it completely depends on the teaching style and qualities of a teacher that convince a student to study and work hard. Lets take a look at 10 of the most important qualities of a good teacher.

Qualities Of A Good Teacher:

1. Teachers are Positive.

Good teachers are an ocean of positivity. They should not be a negative person. As they say, “Believe in the beauty of your dreams”. Good teachers turn great the moment their students realize the power of positivity and start believing in their dreams. Good teachers need to channelize their students energy towards the positive things in life.

2. Teaching is their Passion.

No teacher can become great if they don’t have the passion for teaching. This is a very important quality among other qualities of a good teacher. Moreover, Teaching should be their first love, and that’s the reason they will have their full commitment towards their profession.

3. Good Teachers are Cooperative.

A good teacher must always be cooperative towards others. Be it students, parents or other teaching staff, they should cooperate with anyone when it comes to guide their students for better good.

4. Love For Students.

Teachers must love their students and never hate anyone, even if the students are annoying. They should be caring just like the parents of their students. And should be able to make a bond with their students.

5. Full of Creativity.

If a teacher is creative, he/she can help a student to learn things in the million ways possible. Its like the answer lies within the problem, all you need to do is think in a different way. And that’s where creativity comes into play.

6. Dedication.

It needs extreme dedication from a teacher to mould the future of a student. Sometimes, it may take months or years to see the fruit of their hard work. But, teachers have to work with full dedication without considering the end result.

7. Patience.

Patience is something that must be among the top qualities of a good teacher. In today’s world, with our busy lives we are losing our patience and that’s not good. A good teacher must be patient enough with their students.

8. Trust Worthy.

While a good teacher must be trust worthy enough, so that the Parents/Guardian of a student can give the command of a students life in teacher’s hand. As they say, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.

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9. Fearless.

A good teacher must be fearless i.e he/she never holds to take decision when it comes to deciding the future of the student. If the teacher is afraid in any sense, then he/she must not be able to take student on a progressive path.

10. Ability to change.

With this changing world, its a must have quality for everyone. As they say, Change is the only Constant. Teachers have to change with the changing world. They have to go hand-in-hand with world so that they can teach the latest things to their students.

Also, let us know which of these qualities of a good teacher do you think is a must have for a teacher.


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