Images That Prove “Shit Happens” In Everyone’s Life

Life is unpredictable and one never knows what might happen in the next moment. However we try really hard to be in control of situations and events. But then we find ourselves in situations we have no control over whatsoever. Sometimes, these situations are hilarious but at other times they evoke painful memories and are best left forgotten. These images prove that when “Shit Happens” just let it go! Life happens. Shit happens. And it happens a lot. To a lot of people.

Enjoy these images and give thanks that you are not the one at the receiving end of it!

Shit-Happens-5 Shit-Happens-4 Shit-Happens-2 Shit-Happens-7 Shit-Happens-8 Shit-Happens-6 Shit-Happens-9 Shit-Happens




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