Artist Creates Illustrations Showing What Women Do When No One Is Watching

From the beginning of time, all men in the world have shown curiosity over the question “What women do when no one is watching?”. Many men try to dig deep and tried to find the answer, but all failed because only a woman can answer this question. The only time we get close to the answer is when an artist named Sally Nixon created some beautiful illustrations showing what women do when they no one is watching them. The illustrations were created as a part of the 365-day challenge that she started in which she had to make one illustration per day for a whole year. Sally started looking for inspiration everywhere; be it in the shower, while brushing teeth or eating.

Sally said that “The inspiration came from my own life, my daily routine and everyday places where I visit like a messy bedroom, bathroom or a shop“. She further added, “The normal women don’t have perfect bodies or perfect habits and that makes them relatable“. We think that’s the reason her illustrations show perfectly what women do when no one is watching. Let’s have a look at her amazing work.

1. Women too get lazy and comfy on the couch.


2. Because for every human being, food is happiness.


3. When you have no restriction over what you’re gonna eat because there’s no one watching you.


4. Well, that’s one of the important tasks of the day.


5. If you are a woman, you can very well relate to this illustration.


6. Trying to fit in your old jeans be like.


7. Eating + Reading = Best feeling ever.


8. Now, you have the answer that what women do when no one is watching.


9. Having a sunbathe when no one is watching you.


10. There’s no best feeling than feeding your pet.


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If you are a woman, you would have related to these illustrations showing what women do when no one is watching. Also, if you liked these cute illustrations, share this post with your friends and loved ones.

Source: Instagram | | berlinartlink (h/t)


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