Easy DIY: How to Make Rope Basket At Home

There are things that are too easy to make at home and this is one of the them – Rope Basket. May be some of you have wondered how to make rope basket at home, we have a simple procedure ready for you. You don’t need to get a large number of things to make it unlike the complex DIY tutorials. You just need these easily available things:

a) Thick Rope.
b) Hot/Quick Glue.
c) Scissor.

How to make Rope Basket:



1. Add Glue to one end of rope and start wrapping it around in a circle.
2. You need to keep wrapping until you get the desired base of the bucket.
3. Since the base is created now, start wrapping it upwards.
4. Wrap until you achieve the desired depth of the bucket.
5. Let it set for some hours and your Rope Bucket is ready.
6. Additional: You can also use your imagination to decorate it.

Here it is, your Rope Basket is ready to use. You can use it to keep stationary items, remote controls, utensils etc.


Source: IHeart Orgainzing.


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