This Is How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles – 9 Natural Ways

Our eyes are the reflection of our soul and it tells a lot about your personality. But the area below the eyes gives away the hint of our lifestyle and habit secrets. Many people have unwanted dark circles under their eyes and search for how to get rid of dark circles on the Internet. A dark circle is a dark patch that can form around a person’s eyes. Dark circles can also occur due to lack of sleep, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and even due to heredity. Those who want a perfect solution for dark circles and who have tried everything and don’t know how to get rid of dark circles in a natural way, check this out:

1. Raw Potatoes


Grate a few potatoes and squeeze out the juice. Put this juice on your eyelids and under your eyes using a cotton ball. Be like this for ten minutes and then wash it off. This can reduce the dark circles to a great extent.

2. Almond Oil


Almond oil is very effective for the delicate skin around the eyes and also for other parts. To eventually get rid of them, apply almond oil under your eyes regularly to treat the dark circles.

3. Tomatoes & Lemon


Mix 1 teaspoon of tomato pulp and 1 teaspoon of lemon and apply this on the dark patches under your eyes. Leave it for some time and then rinse it off. Do this every day to get good results.

4. Coconut Oil


Massage the skin around your eyes with coconut oil. It will also prevent wrinkles and dark spots.

5. Rose Water


Soak cotton pads with rose water and keep them over your eyes for 15 minutes. Do this every day to get rid of the dark circles.

6. Tea Bags


Tea has caffeine and antioxidants which help in reducing dark circles. Put 2 bags of used green or black tea in the refrigerator. Place them over your eyes for 15minutes. It will cool your blood vessels, hence, reducing Dark Circles.

7. Cucumber


Put thin slices of cucumber upon your eyes. Keep it for 10 minutes and then take it off. Cucumber has excellent soothing properties and it can help in reducing Dark circles.

8. Turmeric


Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with 1 teaspoon of pineapple juice and apply this mixture on the affected region. Before washing it off, keep it for 10 mins.

9. Cold Milk


Dip some cotton in cold milk and put the cotton over your eyes. Before washing it off, Keep it for some time. Repeat the procedure daily for visible effect.

So, this is how to get rid of dark circles in the easiest way. If anyone of your friends or loved ones have dark circles, share this post with them.Save


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