10 Horrible Design Fails That Will Actually Make You Laugh

No doubt, there are some amazing designers in the world who have literally designed the man-made miracles. Be it buildings or products, the world which we are living in today is all because of those talented designers who have innovated everything for the development and ease of mankind. But, as the say, ‘Rose comes with thorns’, in this case also, apart from amazing designs, there are some horrible design fails that are so awful that they will make you laugh hard.

We are sharing pictures of some of the most horrible design fails in the history of the mankind. These designs are so bad that they will confuse you whether you should be sad or laugh hard at them. Have a look at these horrible design fails and decide for yourself that whether you wanna feel bad or laugh hard at them.

1. If she could have seen her baby bump in the mirror, she wouldn’t have used that product. 


2. Another Cyborg movie in the making but this time it will be a baby Cyborg.


3. When the Enter and Cancel keys decide to change places. 


4. For your dirty mind, we just wanna say that it is Emma written on the cake.


5. The designer could have placed the print somewhere else but not on the lower part of the dress.


6. That’s the perfect example of one of the most horrible design fails ever. 


7. We recommend kids not to split their legs, even for a second.


8. That’s the saddest message we have seen in a while.


9. The caption says it all.


10. If your arm is shorter than 6 ft, then you might have a problem in using this toilet.


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These designers took designing to another level with these horrible design fails. If you laugh hard after seeing these pictures, share this article with your loved ones and let them go ROFL.


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