10 Famous Hollywood Celebrities Look Alike Porn Star Doppelgangers

While our world is quite big enough to meet a person who looks just like you. But, after seeing the pics we are going to share today will both amaze and surprise you for sure. You won’t believe when we say our favorite Hollywood celebrities look alike exists and that, too in porn industry. These porn stars have so much resemblance with our mainstream movies stars that you won’t be able to differentiate them. Also, these porn stars are very famous for their work. In addition, the moment you see these celebrities look alike you will rub your eyes twice. Check out these celebrities look alike and wonder “Which Celebrity Do I Look like?

Celebrities Look Alike Porn Star Doppelgangers:

1. Emma Stone & LassCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars-Emma-Stone

Despite of the fact, that Emma Stone and Lass look alike, you won’t be able to decide which one is hotter. Btw, the real name of Lass is Julie Kennedy. Go on share this with your buddies, and see if they are able to find the difference.

2. Olivia Wilde & Sophie LynxCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars-Olivia-Wilde

Olivia Wilde, an American Beauty, also have a Doppelganger Sophie Lynx. While, Sophie Lynx looks more like Olivia Wilde, then Olivia Wilde looking like Olivia. Its hard to find the difference.

3. Nicki Minaj & Alicia SmilesCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars-Nicky-Minaj

Can you spot the difference between the two, Nicki Minaj & Alicia Smiles? Moreover, you can say that they both are successful in their respective careers.

4. Kristen Stewart & Megan MalloneCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars-Kristen-Stewart

The expression-less beauty of Hollywood has a doppelganger too. While, many of you will admit to the fact that Megan Mallone is way too hotter than Kristen Stewart.

5. Katy Perry & Natasha NiceCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars

While, this was a big scandal at the time when a sex tape of Natasha Nice came out and people though that it was Katy Perry. Even the color of their eyes tell the same story.

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6. Scarlett Johansson & Jeanie Marie SullivanCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars-Scarlett-Johansson

Hottest Actress of Hollywood can have a porn star look alike too and her name is Jeanie Marie Sullivan. The adult star completely looks alike the Hollywood celebrity and is often called as her twin.

7. Taylor Swift & Jana JordanCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars-Taylor-Swift

There is a twitter account named Jana Jordan which once said- “Finally I’m Taylor Swift in a porn!” And why not? if you have a resemblance of a famous celebrity.

8. Maggie Q & Amia Morettiporn-actresse-look-alike-famous-people-08-_tqej

They say “Maggie Q & Amia Moretti” are one and the same because of their similar characteristic. While, the adult star looks way hotter than the celebrity itself.

9. Alicia Keys & Anetta KeysCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars-Alicia-Keys

While, we have seen many posts on the Internet looking for the answer to this question, “Are Alicia Keys & Anetta Keys sisters?”. People often get mislead by the stars Initials and last name. In actual, Anetta Keys real name is Aneta Smrhova and she’s a Czech adult film star. Moreover, both are not even related to each other.

10. Rihanna & Lavish StylesCelebrities-Look-Alike-Porn-Stars-Rihanna

While if you happened to Rihanna’s Sex Tape on the Internet, make sure to have a second look because she might be her look alike Doppelganger Lavish Styles. Moreover, there is hardly any difference in the look between the two.

Also, let us know which one of these celebrities look alike porn stars do you think resemble each other completely.


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