10 Hilarious & Funny Cooking Fails That Turned Into A Disaster

As they say, “Nobody is perfect in this world” and everybody has their strengths and weakness. We all know that Cooking is an art and it needs more than talent to be a great Chef. You need to be creative if you dream to be a Chef. A pinch of salt here and there and your food is completely ruined. While, there are some of Iron Chefs among us that are completely not made for the Kitchen. When you force them to cook, the results are funny and hilarious cooking fails and you can call them a disaster. Today, we have collected some of the funniest Cooking Fails from the hardcore Kitchen Masters that will make you say- Why God? Why?. Check these cooking fails below:


1. Well! It was supposed to be a Homemade Pizza.


2. We told you Cooking is an Art. Doesn’t it look like a Nuclear Explosion?



3. We know it was supposed to be of some different colour. Seriously Burnt.



4. We are not sure whether it’s a Cake or a Pizza. You decide on this one.



5. Now, you don’t need to cry while cutting Onions because got a whole new reason to cry.



6. We thought we can find Rainbows only in Sky, but see this Chef has done the impossible.



7. When you are out for work and your husband tries to Cook.



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8. Ain’t nobody told him that he doesn’t need to heat Electric Kettle to boil water.



9. They were supposed to be different Cup Cakes and not a single f*cking cake.



10. When your luck is so bad that you can turn Cookies into Soup.



Also, let us know which one of these Cooking Fails you find Hilarious. And make sure to share it with your friends and dear ones.


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