Gut Punch: How to Improve Digestion with These 5 Simple Tips

If you’re suffering from frequent stomach ache, diarrhoea, constipation, gas, or heartburn it could be a sign that your digestive health needs an overhaul.

Read on to learn how to improve digestion today!

1. Evaluate Your Diet

While fast food is enticing and delicious, it’s usually not conducive to regular, healthy digestion. Foods that improve digestion will include lots of fibre and probiotics. Try a few of these foods to improve your digestive health:

  • Kefir and yoghurts (rich in probiotics)
  • Apples, papaya, beets, ginger, dark green veggies (all high in protein)
  • Chia seeds and whole grains
  • Kombucha (fermented tea)
  • Tempeh, natto, or miso (fermented soybeans)
  • Kimchi or sauerkraut (fermented cabbage)
  • Salmon (high in omega 3s)

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is essential to your digestive health. Soda, coffee, and tea might sound more appealing, but the sodium and caffeine drain water from your body making it more difficult for you to digest food properly.

One of the best ways to stay hydrated is to invest in a good water bottle and take it with you everywhere. Experts recommend that an adult should drink 64-oz of water every single day. That equals out to about half a gallon.

Find out how much your water bottle holds and determine how many bottles you should drink every day.

For example, if you have a 32-oz water bottle you should drink two full bottles each day. If you have a 24 oz water bottle then you should drink 2.3 bottles each day.

Set a timer to remind you to drink water or finish your bottle.

3. Do a Parasite Cleanse

Tapeworms, ringworms, flukes, and hookworms are all part of a larger group of parasites that enter a body/host and use it to obtain food and shelter. The hosts experience a myriad of negative symptoms and can even die from a parasitic infection.

Parasites can enter the body when you have contact with lakes and streams, through contaminated drinking water, cross-contaminated foods, or a bathroom surface touched by someone who’s already infected.

Parasites enter the body and cause serious digestive issues. This post from explains that if you have digestive issues such as diarrhoea, bloating and gas, you might have a parasite infection.

Performing a parasite cleanse can rid your body of the parasite and help restore your digestive health.

4. How to Improve Digestion: Move Your Body!

Regular exercise is key to improving digestion. Even simple exercise like walking can significantly improve your metabolism.

Exercise uses gravity to help move food through your digestive tract. Consider a short walk or bike ride each day after one of your meals. The result may shock you!

5. Say Goodbye to Your Bad Habits

Your bad habits are called “bad” for a reason. It’s because they aren’t good for you! Smoking, drinking alcohol, not getting enough sleep, and eating out frequently are all closely tied to poor digestive health.

It’s difficult to say goodbye to any of these habits, so start with one. What would you be willing to give up so that you had better digestive health?

Let’s “Gut” Going!

Now that you know how to improve digestion, it’s time to get to work. Pick one or more of these great tips to help you achieve the healthiest body of your life.

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