7 Must-Know Grooming Tips for Every Woman

Grooming is such a technical yet crucial part of every woman’s life. Without it, a lot of things could go wrong, ranging from hair to toenails. When it comes to women, there are so many parts of the body that requires attention, if, at all, one is to say they are properly groomed. In this age and time, fashion and beauty are of the utmost importance, which explains why women all over the world are taking grooming more seriously than ever. Whether a teenager, a career woman, or a full-on housewife and mother, there are some grooming tips that every woman must openly embrace. Here are seven to be prioritized:

1. Clip your nails

Nails are among the nitty-gritty of grooming that a woman cannot overlook. Manicures and pedicures are some of the most common grooming practices of women. The idea is to keep your nails clean and in the right height. Depending on your daily activities, you can determine the color and length to have. Shouting colors are not necessarily the best thing for working women, and long nails are not a cup of tea either. Neutral colors are also chicer than the bright ones.

2. Shave your legs

Every woman is aggressive about getting a bikini trimmer because no one can afford to be bushy down there. However, how much attention do you pay to your legs? Technically, at one point in your life, you will be on a skirt or a dress. When your legs are out in the open, the last thing you want is for people to be staring on your feet instead of maintaining eye contact. Instead, work for smooth and hydrated skin.

Pro tip: Substitute conditioner for shaving cream for hydrated skin and smooth legs.

3. Tame your facial hair

It may be true that women do not have beards, but that does not mean that they do not have facial hair. Facial hair includes bushy eyebrows and the hairs on the upper lips. Take keen interest to get these areas waxed every while you can.

4. Cover those under-eye circles

If you are not keen, your under-eyes can insinuate that you are having a bad day. When your under-eye circles start showing, people may start thinking that you are tired. Instead, cover them up as part of your grooming process, especially if you are a career woman who has to be very productive at work every morning. Concealer should do the trick, right before you use your foundation.

5. Moisturize

You can never go wrong if you are one to moisturize every while you got. Several reasons can dehydrate your body and skin, including the weather. Instead, moisturize to avoid dry, flaky skin and promote a glow and healthy skin all day long.

6. Use Vaseline before you wear perfume

Do you ever worry that your sweet-smelling perfume cannot make it to the end of the day? Well, there is a way to get the scent sticking on longer than usual. Before spritzing your perfume, apply some Vaseline on the target areas, including the neck, behind the ear, the wrist, to mention a few. This should get the scent lasting much longer than usual. While at it, go easy with the perfume, because too much will be your greatest undoing.

7. Use a balm to heal dry heels

Your heels can quickly be forgotten in the grooming process. If you overlook them for too long, you leave room for dry skin to get out of hand. A little balm on the heels every day should do the trick. Further, you can slather the balm in the night, before you slip on socks for intense overnight healing.


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