10 Gifts for Your Wife on Your First Anniversary

A first wedding anniversary is a special event for husband and wife. It indicates that they have safely survived one of the most difficult periods of married life. On this day, every man wants to please his beloved with a special gift, but not everyone knows what to give his wife for the first anniversary. So, what to give to show love and respect for your woman? We have a whole list of great ideas.

There are three options for gifts:

  • Traditional gifts;
  • Ordinary hand-made gifts;
  • Nonmaterial gifts (impressions and memories).

Remember! Regardless of what you decide to give your beloved woman on the first wedding anniversary, it is desirable to complement the gift with a bouquet of flowers.

Traditional gifts

The first anniversary is still about bright feelings and fresh memories of the wedding and first dates. During this period, it is good to give gifts that symbolize love and strong relationships.

  1. Romantic dinner

Romantic dinner is one of the most proven gift ideas. If cooking is not your cup of tea, book a table in a good restaurant with a romantic interior and pleasant music. Or create a festive atmosphere at home: think of a menu, decorate an apartment, choose romantic music, and light candles.

  1. Photo session

Joint impressions will only strengthen your couple and leave wonderful memories for a lifetime. Therefore, you can present your beloved wife a photo session. Find a photographer, rent a studio, or choose beautiful places for taking photos in advance. You can even rent clothes to do a photo shoot on a particular theme.

  1. Jewellery

A gift that will surely please every woman is jewellery. Beautiful earrings, rings, or bracelets adorn any woman, and ladies themselves are just crazy about sparkling stones. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that, preferring such a choice, a man risks to face certain traps and pitfalls. Of course, you should not give simple bijouterie; it should be expensive jewellery. A ring or earrings are not a very original gift for a wedding anniversary, but still, it will be appreciated.

  1. An expensive makeup kit

The next good gift idea is an expensive makeup kit. Anyone can buy cosmetics, and it is not news, but not everyone can afford to buy a set of expensive cosmetics from a well-known brand (Max Factor, Chanel, Lancôme, etc.). The bonus of such a present is the fact that even if your wife does not like such cosmetics, she will be able to say proudly “Yes, I used these cosmetics! But I did not like it!”

  1. Gift certificate

A good option to present for the first wedding anniversary is a gift certificate for shopping. In this case, your wife will be able to spend some interesting time searching for novelties and buy the most relevant and necessary things. If you have patience, you can go shopping with her. Also, you can present a certificate to a spa or beauty salon.

DIY gift ideas

Hand-made gifts have special energy because a man puts all his heart into such a present at the time of its creation. Also, according to Ukrainian brides online, hand-made things are valued for their uniqueness.

  1. Photo collage

On the first wedding anniversary, you can give your wife a festive collage with joint photos taken in the happiest and most joyful moments. Such a gift will not only pleasantly surprise the spouse but also allow you both to plunge into sweet memories and romantic atmosphere.

  1. A film created by own efforts

A similar effect can be achieved with a film edited on your own. Moreover, if you add your wife’s favourite music, she will be even more delighted.

  1. A themed greeting card

A themed greeting card is a good option for congratulating your beloved wife. Of course, it should not be a piece of cardboard with an inscription but a whole work of art. You can use ribbons, rhinestones, sparkles, beads, and other decorative elements to give the card a beautiful appearance. The gift will make an even stronger impression if you write your own romantic verse instead of banal greeting lines.

  1. A craft

If a man is well versed in carpentry or pottery, he should use these skills to create an exclusive souvenir. Such a craft can be not only unique but also useful to your wife.

Nonmaterial gifts

  1. Impressions and memories

We all know that women are unpredictable, interesting, and extraordinary people. Therefore, they want unusual, original, and distinctive gifts. So, there are the best ideas of original nonmaterial gifts.

  • A trip abroad to relax and get new impressions together;
  • A trip to a sanatorium, a recreation centre, or a popular resort to spend a few days or weeks together;
  • A picnic in nature;
  • A master class of her dream;
  • A quest room;
  • An amusement park;
  • A boat trip;
  • Ballooning or parachute jump;
  • A horse ride;
  • A pet;
  • Fireworks or fire show.


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