Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Ghost Chair & Its Scary

Are you ready to step into Harry Potter’s mystery world again? Then how about some magic around an otherwise inconspicuous chair? The Ghost Chair in the images is almost invisible, but it still will offer you a seat only if you are strong hearted. The Ghost Chair seems to wear one of those invisibility cloaks. And is the result of “draping and drying” sheets of polyester over a plastic mold.

Ghost Chair


The shape of the Ghost seat is pretty interesting too and it will certainly play tricks with your mind especially when some lighting is involved. This chair would definitely be a great addition to your modern home, but make sure there aren’t any kids around them. They might have a harder time adjusting to such pieces of furniture.

Ghost-Chair-2 Ghost-Chair-3

We don’t guarantee that whether you are gonna wet your pants after sitting on this chair. Because you never know there may be a ghost around the corner :evil:.



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