10 Funny Weekend Memes That Will Keep You Ready For The Weekend

If you work in a Corporate world, then you must know the pain of waking on a Monday morning and working your a** off for the whole week. No matter how cool is your office, you still feel the pain of coming to your office and working all day long. But, we know that feeling when someone says ‘Tomorrow is a Weekend‘ and you get excited like your dream come true. Today, we have listed down some of the funny weekend memes that will keep you ready for the weekend and will cheer you up.

Believe us or not, these funny weekend memes will be your dose of laughter for the whole week. From Animals to Kids, everyone knows how to celebrate weekend, then what are you waiting for? Check out these funny weekend memes, enjoy and make some funny plans for the upcoming weekend.

Funny Weekend Memes:

1. When you realise that it’s finally weekend and you are ready to make some plans.Funny-Weekend-Memes-7

2. The moment you leave your office on Friday you are like. Funny-Weekend-Memes-5

3. When you leave work on Friday and you are so excited for the weekend. Funny-Weekend-Memes-44. Isn’t it the most true meme among other funny weekend memes?Funny-Weekend-Memes-6

5. When your Boss tries to be sarcastic but you know that tomorrow is weekend.Funny-Weekend-Memes

6. Are you the one who tries to cheer your colleagues for the weekend?Funny-Weekend-Memes-22

7. We know sometimes our weekend plans don’t work as expected.Funny-Weekend-Memes-11

8. That awkward smile on your face when the thought of weekend comes to your mind.Funny-Weekend-Memes-8

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9. Are you the one who makes all the weekend plans and warn everyone of the same?Funny-Weekend-Memes-3

10. No matter what happens we are always excited about the coming weekend.Funny-Weekend-Memes-2

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