Funny Superheroes Illustrations In Which They’re Doing Normal Jobs

Imagine our World as a peaceful place with no crime at all. In that scenario, our brave and mighty superheroes would have nothing to work upon. Having no work at all, no crime scenes, no villains and no bad boys to fight with, our superheroes would be just like us. Doing their 9-5 jobs just to earn a good living for themselves. Today, we got some of the funny superheroes illustrations that show these superheroes doing jobs that compliment their Super powers. Have a look.

1. Flash

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-FlashImagine if your Pizza Delivery Boy is “Flash”, then their tagline would have been “1min or free”. You call the Pizza company and until the time you finish giving an order, k-boom flash will arrive at your door steps with your favourite pizza.


2. Super man

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-SupermanWho else can do a better job of postman/mail man than our favorite superhero “Superman”. You just need to write your mail and hand it over to him. Just blink your eye and your mail will reach its destination.


3. Captain America

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-Captain-AmericaThe first avenger in the making “Captain America” would have done the perfect role of a waiter. Furthermore, by performing awesome skills with his shield, he would surely be the favorite to get promoted to a higher role in your favorite restaurant/bar.


4. Human Torch

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-Human-TorchThe most enthusiastic member of the “Fantastic Four”, Johnny Storm aka Human torch would be the best person you can trust to grill/roast your chicken.

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5. Batman

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-BatmanWhile Dark Knight’s favorite job would be to play with the money he inherited from his ancestors. Also, he was never in need of a job and will never be needing any job in the near future.


6. Mr. Fantastic

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Mr-FantasticThe most sensible and the most flexible superhero of them all, Mr. Fantastic will make the job of “Apple Picking” a child’s play just like shown in this funny superheroes illustrations.


7. Spider man

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-SpidermanThe master of the web ‘Spider man’ could have used his skills in the sports industry. You need a net in Soccer or in a Racket, Spider man is at your service and we can grantee that his webs will be the stronger in the world.


8. Thor

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-ThorRemember the dialogue from movie Thor, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor“, Thor would have done the job of a black smith perfectly.


9. Iron man

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-Iron-ManAs the name say, no one can beat the Iron man in his ironing skills. Furthermore, Ironing clothes would have been a much easier and the best suited job for the billionaire.


10. Wolverine

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-WolverineWith his Adamantium claws, there is nothing in the world that wolverine can’t cut into pieces, be it hard meat, bones or anything else in the world. Job of the butcher is perfect for our angry superhero as shown in above funny superheroes illustrations.


11. Cat Woman

Funny-Superheroes-Illustrations-Working-Cat-WomanThis one is our favorite, Can you guess what it is by looking at the picture above? Seeing too many rats in your home lately? Cat woman may end all your worries in a flash.

Let us know if you think you like these funny superheroes illustrations.




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