10 Funny Saturday Memes That Capture Real Feelings Of The Weekend

Saturday is the day that we all wait for the whole week because it’s the start of fun for most of us. Most people go to fun places, picnic spots with their families while other people like to lie around the house sleeping and relaxing. Especially if you are in a Corporate job, you will understand the pain of 9 to 5 job and that too 5 days a week. Boring, repetitive and killing you from the inside, whatever word you like to describe your job, we are very well aware of the pain and we know you wait for the Saturday desperately. But, don’t worry we have collected some of the funny Saturday memes that capture the real essence of the weekend.

Believe us when we say you are going to laugh hard after seeing these full of humour memes. Without killing your excitement, let’s have a look at 10 funny Saturday memes that are a dose of your laughter.

Because There Is Nothing Like Saturday

1. Because it’s Saturday and you know it.Funny-Saturday-Memes-8

2. How can anybody forget the feel of that moment?Funny-Saturday-Memes-7

3. You know you don’t have to move an inch because it’s our favourite day, Saturday.Funny-Saturday-Memes-10

4. It’s Saturday and its time to relax.Funny-Saturday-Memes

5. Just Lion things.Funny-Saturday-Memes-4

6. You know what you have to do when your Boss asks you to work on Saturday.Funny-Saturday-Memes-3

7. It’s exactly the thought on everyone’s mind.Funny-Saturday-Memes-9

8. That face you make when you have to work on Saturday.Funny-Saturday-Memes-6

9. The moment you realise that you have a working Saturday.Funny-Saturday-Memes-5

10. True Story.Funny-Saturday-Memes-2

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