15 Funny Parenting Advice From Some Of The Funniest Parents

Sometimes, Parenting can be a tough job. There is no tough job in the world than parenting especially if you haven’t done that before. After you became a parent, every one will have their opinion for you; your friends, your relatives and your neighbours. Every one will give your parenting advice as per their experience. But, sometimes you don’t need a perfect parenting advice and all you need is a funny parenting advice from the funniest parents.

Today, we have collected some of the funniest parenting advice and tips from all the pro parents. While some of the funny parent advice will make you laugh, others will give you a right type of lesson. So if you are a parent or going to be a parent, check out these funny parenting advice and tips below.

Funny Parenting Advice:

1. Never trust your child on this.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-12

2. Kids always lie when it comes to ‘Poop‘.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-2

3. When you are a parent, your ultimate goal is to feed your kids.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips

4. You have to be an expert in Hide and Seek.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-3

5. Pro Tip #1. Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-10

6. Stealing is allowed in only one case.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-6

7. Never ever play favorites among your kids.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-14

8. You know how Donald Trump was burn?Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-8

9. Bribing always is not a good idea.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-410. It is the only way to save yourself.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-13

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11. Easiest way to get your child’s attention.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-18

12. It’s your birth right.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-5

13. yes, magic happens.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-16

14. Enemies can never be friends.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-11

15. When each second is worth buying.Funny-Parenting-Advice-Tips-7

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