10 Funny Mom Fails That Will Make You Laugh Like Anything

The internet is flooded with photographs of funny dad fails and we all know that among our parents, dads are more funny, irresponsible and witty. But, have you ever seen funny mom fails on the Internet? We are sure that there will be only a few of you because you know moms are responsible and caring. But, there are always few exceptions in every case and so are the mothers who will make you laugh hard with their funny mom fails. These below fails will prove that even some mothers can be witty and funny with their kids, and you know being funny with your children can result in some of the funniest parenting fails ever.

So, next time you go out with your children, make sure that you are behaving like ideal parents and not like these funny mothers. Let’s have a look at these funny moms fails and we are sure that you will laugh your pants off after seeing these hilarious pictures.

1. A clear case of wrong priorities.


2. When you have an extra neck belt and you have to use it somewhere.


3. That’s not the way to scare your kids.


4. We just hope that it is a toy gun and not a real one.


5. When your priority is to update status on Facebook.


6. When your phone call is more important than you kid.


7. When a mom completely forgets that she is carrying her child.


8. We think that this fat mom needs to lose weight.


9. Someone, please tell her that it’s not the way to take your toddler on a walk.


10. It is one of the best funny mom fails ever.


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If you are a parent and you loved the above funny mom fails, then share it with your family members and spread the laughter. Also, if you have experienced something like this, we will love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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