10 Funny Kids Drawings That Were So Awkward For The Parents

We all know that kids are the most innocent creatures on this planet but you know sometimes their innocence can turn so awkward for their parents. One of the true fact about the kids is that every kid loves to draw whatever they have in mind. Most of the times they draw things we don’t understand but sometimes they draw such things that are hilariously inappropriate. These funny kids drawings can sometimes become the cause of awkwardness of their parents.

Just to give you a hint, they will try to draw a Mushroom but when you see their creation, you will realize that they have drawn something else, something that falls in the adult category. If you still don’t get what we are trying to say about funny kids drawings, we have collected some of the funny kids drawings that are so awkward for their parents. Check out these masterpiece drawings below.

Funny Kids Drawings:

1. The awkward looking things at the bottom are Mushrooms.funny-kids-drawings-8

2. That awkward moment when you realize that why you kid failed in Art exam. funny-kids-drawings-4

3. Thank God Dinosaurs don’t exist today. funny-kids-drawings-10

4. Actually, his name is Buzz Lightyear and he comes in Peace. funny-kids-drawings-3

5. When you kid is too innocent to know the difference. funny-kids-drawings-2

6. Just to clear the doubt, the conductor is blowing a whistle.funny-kids-drawings-6

7. That awkward moment when you realize that it’s a rocket in the picture. funny-kids-drawings-7

8. Obviously, it is one of the funny kids drawings and it means ‘Beach‘. funny-kids-drawings-9

9. Don’t get it wrong, the mouse was supposed to ride the lion. funny-kids-drawings-5

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10. Look at the innocence of this kid, he was trying to draw a Scissor. funny-kids-drawings

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