10 Funny Instagram Comments That Will Leave You In Splits

Just like YouTube and Facebook, people are nailing it with their comments on Instagram. People are so witty and sarcastic that their funny Instagram comments will make you go ROFL and believe us when we say that their comments are Savage. Quite frankly we also don’t know that what is the source of wit and sarcasm of these great people who posted some of the hilarious comments on Instagram posts? No matter what, this witty breed of humans completely nailed it with their funny Instagram comments.

From celebrities to normal people, no one is left behind by these sarcastic and mischievous people when it comes to commenting on posts. We have collected some purely savaged funny Instagram comments that will make you laugh hard. Read these superbly written comments below.

1. Next time you want to show off on Instagram, keep this comment in your mind.


2. That’s how you get ‘Sisters from different Mothers’.


3. Now, you know that who is the inventor of Emojis.


4. Precious words full of humor and laughter.


5. Only a few people can see good in every situation, just like the gentleman commenting on this Instagram post.


6. When you are too good in finding mistakes.


7. Don’t ever lie on Instagram, I repeat don’t lie.


8. Next time you want to post a motivational quote, make sure you do the background check.


9. After reading this funny comment, now I can die in peace. One of the funny Instagram comments ever.


10. When Steve Jobs got inspiration from Sir Newton.


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