Best Funny & Hilarious iPhone Memes Made After Launch Of iPhone 7

Ever since Apple has launched the much awaited iPhone 7 in a mega event, everybody is going crazy for the new features that has been added to the phone. Especially, their decision to opt for wireless earphones and remove the headphone jack from the phone. While, many people are making fun of the highly priced iPhone and others are making iPhone memes on the Internet. No matter what the Internet is full of iPhone memes. Today, we got some of the best, funniest and hilarious iPhone memes that will make you laugh hard. Check them out below.

iPhone Memes:

1. Jack or No Jack!


2. Phones will come and go, but Technology will never change.



3. We don’t have any money to buy it. BTW for how much we can sell our kidney? iPhone-Memes-iPhone-7-Funny-Hilarious-00

4. That’s the most easiest and cheapest solution.


5. Future be like.


6. The only thing we can do is make these iPhone Memes unless we sell our body parts to buy iPhone.


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7. Best iPhone 7 Meme available on the Internet.


8. Because it’s iPhone Dude.


9. Listen all, the new iPhone is retarded.


10. Biggest problem for the future owner of iPhone 7.


Also, let us know which of these iPhone 7 memes you liked the most. Do share it with your friends and loved ones so that they can laugh hard too.


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