13 Hilarious Cake Fails That Will Make You Question The Baker

Sometimes, things don’t go as expected. There is a difference between what you think you are and what you actually are. If you think, you are a Baker and baking is a piece of Cake, then most probably you are wrong. Today, we are going to show you some hilarious cake fails. And, believe us after seeing these cakes you will surely want to question the Baker, “Why Man? Why You Baked It?”

Check these Funny Cake Fails:

1. If you love the Minions, your love will be going to fade away after seeing this.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-12

2. “DEADICATION”, I mean WTF that actually means.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-6

3. Disney Princess in a new avatar and we are sure you are not going to like it.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-13

4. C’mon man! You can’t be too lazy to do that.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-7

5. See how deliberately this baker tried to kill Kid’s favorite cartoon character.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It

6. We are sure this horror baby is gonna haunt you for life.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-8

7. Wow Man! We were looking for this kind of Modern Art all our life.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-11

8. You just need a little bit of modifications to make this cake look like a shit.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-9

9. This cake doesn’t look like Buzz Lightyear even from several light years away. Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-3

10. Sometimes you need to kill yourself and this is the right time for the Baker to do so.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-2

11. Even the Butterfly will fly away from this cake.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-10

12. The most ugliest cake you will ever see in your life.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-5

13. We are not sure what the Baker was trying to make. But the end product is this.Hilarious-Funny-Cake-Fails-Nailed-It-4

Let us know if you like these hilarious and funny Cake Fails in the comments section below.


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