10 Times Funny Chinese Translation Fails Made Us Laugh Hard

Quite frankly, learning English is a tough task and it’s tougher for the people who don’t have any idea about the language. For example, the Chinese people have never learned the English language because they have no use of it but because of the English-speaking visitors, they might need to translate their local language into English. Due to the language barrier, translating Chinese into English results in some of the funniest Chinese translation fails.

If you are planning to visit the fascinating country, do make sure that you closely check the translated Chinese boards and we are sure, that the funny Chinese translation fails will leave you in splits. But, if you don’t have any plans to visit there, we have collected pictures of some of the hilarious Chinese translation fails of all time. Check out these translation disasters below.

1. You will definitely say WTF after reading this signboard.


2. The only words that came out from our mouth are What & Why


3. We seriously think that the Chinese want to destroy the English language.


4. Apparently, the sales of this noodles company is going down.


5. When the world is against Drink and Drive, China is using reverse psychology. 


6. We seriously don’t have any information about this new variety of beans, Stupid beans.


7. It is one of the worst Chinese translation fails ever.


8. Yes, that’s the only thing we are afraid of.


9. We think some frustrated Chinese women invented this dish.


10. Chinese know how to deal with the racists.


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If you have seen such horrible Chinese translation fails, then do share your experience with us in the comments section below. Also, if these post made you laugh hard, share this post with your loved ones.


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