10 Funniest Cases Of Vandalized Textbooks By Bored Students

If you are reading this article, then you must have been to a college and a school and must know the pain of those early morning lectures and especially those post-lunch lectures that can make even the most intelligent student get bored in the class. Out of boredom, some students decide to sleep, some decide to play while the creative ones decide to vandalize their textbooks and the end result is too hilarious. Yes, you read that right, vandalized textbooks can make you laugh like hell.

Out of curiosity, we have collected some of the hilarious cases of vandalized textbooks by bored students that are hard to ignore. On one side, they spoilt their textbooks but on the other side, they must be appreciated for their creativity. Have a look at those brilliant examples of textbook vandalism below.


1. We have found a die-hard fan of Marilyn Monroe.



2. Who would have thought that a boring literature book can turn so interesting?



3. Their Bromance must have created a controversy that time.



4. If you think Selfie is the coolest invention ever, you should thank this gentleman for it.



5. How not to be a cruel person in the class.



6. Hats off to the creativity of this student.



7. What the hell Patrick Fish is doing in a Math’s Notebook?



8. This is one of the funniest vandalized textbooks cases ever.



9. When you are in love but you need to attend that early morning lecture.



10. Looks the software industry is as old as this man.



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If you are a classroom artist yourself, do let us know what you used to draw on textbooks in your school/college days? Also, if you laughed at the above students’ creativity, share this article with your friends.


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