10 Funniest Menu Items That You Will Regret Ordering In A Restaurant

You may have been to thousands of restaurants and may have tried equal number of dishes. But, there are some food items that are specifically written in the Menu for your soul i.e they are there on the Menu to make you laugh. These funniest Menu items are the result of some overqualified people who have designed the Menu. Whatever may be the case, these funniest menu items are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Today, we have collected some of the hilarious food items from the Restaurants Menu all around the world. So, next time you are going to a fancy restaurant, make sure that you check all the food items correctly. Let’s have a look at these not-so-delicious food items.

1. Don’t worry you won’t get these items to eat, these are just spelling mistakes.


2. Can anybody tell us the difference between the two items?


3. Look what they are offering in the Kids Menu.


4. We’ll have two family photos for the Dinner.


5. What do you expect what you’ll get for free?


6. Who would order this Strange Flavor Chicken?


7. Does anybody need Spicy Cold Children for lunch?


8. When the person who has written the Menu is weak in english.


9. This dish definitely deserves a place among the funniest Menu items.


10. Would you dare to try this healthy soup?


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If you have ever went to a restaurant in which you have seen some of the funniest food items on the menu, do leave us a comment telling about your experience.


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