10 Funniest Facebook Comments That Are Completely Epic And Savage

Over the course of time, Facebook has turned from a platform of connecting people to trolling people. People these days love to troll their Facebook friends and what’s better than commenting on their posts and trolling them like anything. Believe us when we say that some of the funniest Facebook comments are completely epic and savage. After watching these funny comments, you will wish that you don’t have a friend like these people on Facebook.

Although some Facebook statuses are epic and damn funny but in some cases, the comments are also worth reading and equally funny. We have compiled a list of some of the funniest Facebook comments that will make you laugh all day. Check out these hilarious comments below.

1. When your friend makes you realise that you are day-dreaming.


2. Before posting any status on Facebook, make sure that none of your friends is a Grammar Nazi.


3. That awkward moment when a comment gets more like than the status itself.


4. Before posting any picture on Facebook, make sure you have found out its true meaning.


5. Sometimes your friends can cross the limit to troll you.


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6. When you take out your frustration on your Mother-in-law in the Facebook comments.


7. Next time you want to put a Facebook status, make sure your logic is perfect.


8. One of the epic and funniest Facebook comments you will ever read.


9. Apparently, woman and terminator are same.


10. Because where there is oil, there is America.


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