Try Not To Laugh After Seeing These Funniest Cricket Memes

We know Cricket is a Gentleman’s Game but there are some funny incidents that can happen only on the screen. These funny incidents give birth to some of the funniest cricket memes. Only a few of the real cricket fans will understand these funniest cricket memes. As they say, some things come are created naturally while the other things are created by the people. Just like this saying, some cricket fans have created some of the funniest cricket memes that will make you laugh so hard that you won’t be able to resist yourself sharing these funny cricket memes. So, without taking much time, let us check out these funny cricket memes below.

Funniest Cricket Memes:

1. Playing cricket makes them so intelligent that their IQ can fall to the lowest.Cricket-Memes-2

2. You know what’s the biggest problem with the Indian Cricket team? Cricket-Memes

3. If you have seen the recent T20 World Cup, you will realise that this is the funniest cricket meme ever.Cricket-Memes-11

4. The moment you realise that Alastair Cook is not from South Africa. Cricket-Memes-6

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5. Maybe one day David Warner will open its own production house. Are you listening Warner Bros?Cricket-Memes-7

6. Legends never miss the cricket, Cricket misses them.Cricket-Memes-8

7. This is one of the best and the funniest cricket memes you will ever see.Cricket-Memes-9

8. You know what is the difference between World Class Wicket-Keepers and Kamran Akmal? Cricket-Memes-10

9. It is a well known fact from the Cricket fans.Cricket-Memes-5

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10. Umar Gul after taking a wicket of his opponent team. Cricket-Memes-4

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