11 Funniest Celebrity Name Puns That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Celebrities often are the centre of all jokes because their lives are out there for everyone to see. People love to crack jokes and make fun of these celebrities. Be it the celebrities lifestyle, their weird habits or their names, people love to pull the legs of famous celebrities. Today, we have collected some of the funniest celebrity name puns that you will make you laugh so hard. From Anne Hathaway to Pamela Anderson, these celebrity name puns are so hilarious that you will surely enjoy them. So without killing your excitement, let us check out these funniest celebrity name puns:

Celebrity Name Puns:

1. Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway with a hat or without a hat?

2. Alan Rickman


Alan Rickman or Alan Ricklady, what do you think?

3. Reese Witherspoon


When your name has the word ‘Spoon’ in it and you know you deserve a celebrity name pun.

4. Ray


Ray Charles or Blu-Ray or Ray Ban, whatever you wanna call him :p

5. Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson or Pamela And-her-son.

6. Morgan Freeman


Luckily, Morgan Freeman never went to prison otherwise, we would have called him Morgan Prisoner.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger


The moment you realise that your name is too old ‘Arn-old’.

8. Beyonce


Once or twice, we don’t care, we still love you Beyonce.

9. Christian Bale


When people misinterpret your name with a religion.

10. Kanye West


East or West, Kanye is the best.

11. Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey or he doesn’t Carrey?

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12. London


*Bonus*: Although it is not one of the celebrity name puns but it is definitely funny.

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