10 Funniest Car Repair Fails That Will Give You Enough Reasons To Hire A Mechanic

All men have a bad habit of trying to repair everything on their own. They may succeed a couple of times but for the rest, it results in some of the hilarious fails of all time. But, when it comes to repairing a car, men just can’t see their favourite thing in someone else’s hands so they always try to repair it on their own. That’s why girls say ‘Boys and their toys’ referring to men’s love for their cars. Well, repairing a car doesn’t go well all the time, sometimes it results in some of the funniest car repair fails of all time.

Today, we will be showing you some images of hilarious car repair fails which are so messed up that you will consider hiring a mechanic the next time your car is broken. Let’s just have a look at these hilarious car repair fails that will surely tickle your funny bone.


1. Are you short of a spare tyre? Why don’t you try something like this?



2. This guy literally printed a car’s headlamp and we can’t do anything but salute this genius.



3. This picture reminds me of the old benches from your school.



4. Meet this guy who doesn’t know the difference between a Car window and a home window.



5. The safety level has just got too damn high with these Airbags.



6. It can be declared as one of the worst car repair fails of all time.



7. Most of us can’t be as innovative as this car owner.



8. Someone, please give this man a medal.



9. That’s the reason bringing your own chair to the picnic is always a good idea.



10. Who said adhesive bandages are only for humans?



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We are pretty sure that these hilarious car repair fails have made you laugh hard. What are you waiting for? Share this hilarious post with your loved ones.


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