These Food Carvings By Japanese Artist ‘Gaku’ Are So Amazing

Food carving is one of the toughest forms of art in the world because it requires a lot of patience and hours of hard work. But, we think that these food carvings are just a kid’s play for this amazing Japanese artist, who goes by the name Gaku on Instagram. What Gaku does is he carves everyday food items mainly fruits and vegetables into amazing and beautiful patterns.

Although he began posting his artwork on Instagram about 8-9 months ago but it shows his years of hard work. This kind of art is called as the traditional Japanese art of mukimono which means ‘Stripped Product’. The main problem with food carvings is that the food items oxidises very quickly, so it has to be finished quickly. According to the artist, he eats all the food items when finished. That’s a good thing because minimum wastage leads to a better world. Let’s have a look at some of this amazing food carvings.

1. Look at the amazing and dedicated work of this artist. We mean who knows that an apple can look so beautiful?


2. We always used to hate Eggplants but not after seeing this amazing carving.


3. As they say, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, but who’s gonna keep this artist away from the apple itself. 


4. This Broccoli is looking like a food item from another planet.


5. The first and only edible Chinese Dragon.


6. The artist has even taken care of the very minute things in this art.


7. We think we have to grab an apple before we see another beautiful food item.


8. We bet these food carvings will give you an instant eyegasm.


9. We know eating carrot is good for our eyes but seeing this carrot is more pleasant to our eyes. 


10. Have you ever seen any such beautiful variety of mushrooms?


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Source: Spoon-Tamago.


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