“Follow Me To” Is Back And This Time A New Couple Will Take You To Bangladesh

Remember the viral photo shoot “Follow Me To” by Murad Osmann from 2012 that went viral? Seems like same or less, another couple from Bangladesh is doing the same but this time in their city. Though you have seen the beauty of Bangladesh on the Internet, but these photographs will take you to somewhere else. So, lets check these out:

Follow Me To Project:

Follow me – Wiseghat, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-3

Follow me – Rayerbazar, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh

Follow me – Gulishtan, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-12

Follow me – Japan Garden City, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-7

Follow me – Manikgong, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-8

Follow me – Firmgate, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-5

Follow me – Azimpur, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-4

Follow me – Shilpokola Aceademy, Dhaka,BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-9

Follow me – Shohid Minar, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-10

Follow me – Sadarghat, Dhaka, BangladeshFollow-me-to-Bangladesh-11

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