Floating Water Bus Is A Reality Now! Check Out These Amazing Pics

Imagine what will happen if your bus in which you are travelling suddenly enters into a river or big pond. Certainly, you begin to cry and rush to go out. Now, you don’t need to worry because you are going to witness a new invention of mankind – Floating Water Bus!

Floating Water Bus


Recently such type bus has been introduced which can be run on a road as well as on water surface. You can sleep fearlessly with sweet dreams if you are travelling in such type of bus. Because this bus is able to run on both water and roads. Imagine the pleasure you will get when you are running on the road and then swimming on water through this bus.


Floating-Bus-3 Floating-Bus-4

Look at the Luxurious Interiors. You will get all the comforts of a Cruise in it.

Floating-Bus-5 Floating-Bus-6 Floating-Bus-7

It can float on water like a boat and run on a road like any normal vehicle.


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