Someone Filmed The First 100 Days Of A Panda’s Growth & It’s Adorable

Although Pandas are not considered an endangered species because as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the population of Pandas have risen by approximately 17 percent from 2003 up until now. If you have ever seen any Panda or you have seen a Panda’s footage, you will agree with us that they are one of the cutest animals on our planet. But, only a few of us know that Pandas are born very small in size. A Panda’s growth is worth watching as you can watch him grow from a little baby to a giant fully grown Panda.

Zoo Atlanta has a lot of footage where one can see various animals growing from cute little babies to giant ones. Today, we will be sharing one of their footage where you can see first 100 days of a Panda’s growth. Believe us, you will fall in love with the species after watching the video because they are so cute and adorable. A Panda baby weighs an average of 100 gms and has a pink body. Slowly, after some days, they began to grow and their iconic black and white patches start to appear on their skin.

After 3 months, the Pandas are ready to walk up to a distance of 1 meter and they weigh around 6 Kgs. It takes them more than 2 years before they can leave their mothers and take care of themselves. Be it a Panda baby or an adult Panda, they’ll always be one of the cutest animals on our planet. Have a look at this adorable footage of first 100 days of a Panda’s growth.

First 100 Days of a Panda’s Growth:


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More Info: Zoo Atlanta.


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