How Many Horses Can You Find In This Painting ‘Pinto’ by Artist Bev Doolittle

An American artist Bev Doolittle who is famous for her watercolour paintings. She creates paintings of the native American life, wild animals and landscapes. Doolittle is also famous for her confusing paintings that she turns into a puzzle. She used to take inspiration from real life and what she see around her. There was one time when she saw a couple of horses on her way home and decided to outline on her canvas. We are talking about the famous Pinto painting which is more of a puzzle and if you look at this famous Pinto painting, you will understand why we are saying so. Look at the complex painting below.

Painting ‘Pinto’ by Artist Bev Doolittle


Not many of us are smart enough to solve the puzzle on which Internet is already freaking out. Although we all can see that she has painted horses in this famous painting but can you identify the number of horses in this picture? Well, give it a try and locate all the possible horse faces in the above painting. We are pretty sure that most of you are going to give up on this just like us. That’s the beauty of this painting ‘Pinto’, despite being so beautifully painted, it was made to be confusing by the artist.

If you weren’t able to find out the answer or you want to check your answer, then don’t worry, we have solved the puzzle for you and we know exactly how many horses are there in the painting. All you need to do is admit defeat and click on the Show Answer button below and you’ll find the result.

[showhide type=”horses” more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]

So, the number of horses in this famous painting is 5 as you can see in the picture above.


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