Can You Find The 6 Horses Hiding In This Painting? Only 3% People Can

Do you think you are smart enough to solve any puzzle within seconds? Or you think that there is no puzzle in the world which you won’t be able to solve, then this painting puzzle is designed especially for you. Although it looks like it is not a tough one because we are already giving you the correct answer and all you need to do is to find out how the given answer is correct. In short, you need to justify that there are exactly 6 horses in this beautiful painting.

Below you can see a beautiful painting in which one can see a horse running alongside the sea-shore. But, what if we tell you that there are 6 horses in the painting below and you need to find them all. Although one horse can be easily spotted but it’s a tough task to find all the 6 horses. Look at the puzzle painting below.

Find the 6 horses


Scratch your head and try to concentrate, maybe you’ll find another two or three horses but it takes a sharp mind to spot all the 6 horses in the picture. Only 3% people can find all the 6 horses in the painting. Just try to concentrate and look closely.


If you still can’t find all the horses or you have already spotted all of them, you need to look at the exact places and verify whether you are correct. Click on the ‘Show Answer’ below and see if you are really a genius and are among the 3% people who were able to solve this painting puzzle.

[showhide type=”6Horses” more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]



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If you weren’t able to solve this painting puzzle, then we recommend you to start working on your concentration. Also, share this post with your friends to see if they can find all the 6 horses in this painting puzzle.


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