Some of The Best Finalists Of The 2017 EyeEm Photography Contest

Just like every year, the creative community EyeEm has received a lot of entries for the 2017 EyeEm Photography Contest. There was a total of five categories and they’ve got more than 590,000 submissions from over 88,000 photographers from all around the world. According to their website, all the previous record have been broken with the number of submissions exceeding the previous years. Without any doubt, all the entries in the contest are a treat to the eyes. All the aspiring photographers and other famous photographers have done brilliant work and we are sure that the submissions will surely amaze you.

Today, we are sharing some of the best finalists of the 2017 EyeEm Photography contest. The five categories this year are The Great Outdoors, The Architect, The Street Photographer, The Portraitist and The Photojournalist. Every finalist submission from all the five categories is simply amazing. Let’s have a look at some of the best among them.

1. Category: The Photojournalist – By Kimberly Dela Cruz



2. Category: The Great Outdoors – By Masaki Sato



3. Category: The Street Photographer – By Maciej Dakowicz



4. Category: The Portraitist – By Olivier Morisse



5. Category: The Great Outdoors – By Anthony Castro



6. Category: The Photojournalist – By Fong Han Wei



7. Category: The Photojournalist – By Tim Gaweco



8. Category: The Photojournalist – By Md. Enaul Kabir



9. Category: The Architect – By Scott Firestone



10. Category: The Great Outdoors – By Yicheng Xiao


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If you like these finalist entries from the 2017 EyeEm Photography contest, then don’t forget to check out the remaining finalist submissions of the competition at their website given below.

More Info: EyeEm.


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